Lipstick shaped Gun will ensure women’s safety..

Lipstick shaped Gun will ensure women’s safety..

Makeup is said to be the best friend of women as it adds glory to their beauty. Lipstick, cream, and powder are those basic cosmetics that you can easily find in every woman’s purse. These small-looking lipsticks are now going to protect women from increasing crimes every day. A young man from Varanasi has made one such invention about lipstick. The name of this young scientist is Shyam Chaurasia and he hails from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency Varanasi.

Chaurasia has named this safety device as ‘Smart Anti Teasing Lipstick Gun’. It will enable women to help themselves if needed. As per the information, Shyam Chaurasia works part-time at Ashok Institute in Varanasi. He had invented many types of equipment for women’s safety in the past. But this time his lipstick gun is quite different as it seems like a real lipstick.

Lipstick Gun is designed with a trigger and when pressed would sound just like a gun. This sound can be heard for about 1-kilometer radius. So that if a woman gets stuck in trouble, she can press this trigger to get people’s attention. It also has a Bluetooth sensor device which is connected to the smartphone via a trigger.

By pressing this lipstick’s trigger, police control number 112 and family members will get a call and live location. Along with this, the audio recording of the incident will be done on the family member’s mobiles. Two mikes are also attached in it and through which the voice of the women using it as well the voices of the people present there can be heard.

With the help of a live location, police can easily reach the incident site without any delay. It is made using a 3.7 point battery. You will be surprised to know that the manufacturing cost of this gun is only about 650 rupees. Earlier, Shyam has also made an anti-rape sandal.


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