Females are giving tuff competition to Males in Adventure..

Females are giving tuff competition to Males in Adventure..

Indian women are now more courageous. From the struggles in every day to the participation in adventure trips, they are active in all fields. This is revealed by an international travel company’s research. According to this research, there is a gradual growth in the participation of females in adventure trips. These females are from all professions which includes Doctor, Manager, Writer, and Lawyer. This survey is based on the research performed on two thousand women’s booking and inquiry trends.

The report disclosed that there has been a growth of women participation by 32% in adventure tours in the past year. Solo trips are also famous among women and there has been a 9% growth in solo trips by women.
About 70% of women who enjoy these trips are from Metropolitan Cities and the rest 30% are from elsewhere. These include the most powerful and capable women who are writers, doctors, lawyers, managers, and designers and are also appointed on prestigious positions in different organizations.

They are mostly born between 1980 to 1990s. Reports that diving and tracking as the most favourite adventure in trips among women. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Nepal, Andaman, and international states like Maldives, Thailand, and Mauritius are among the top favorite destinations for these trips.


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