Do you know that the National Anthem is also known by this name in English?

Do you know that the National Anthem is also known by this name in English?

National Anthem Jan-Gan-Man is enough to fill every Indian heart with the feeling of patriotism. This National Anthem was first sung 108 years ago. It was written by Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore in the Bengali language and was sung by his sister’s daughter on stage. Later it was translated by Abid Ali in Hindi and Urdu.

It was first sung in Hindi and Bengali language by school children in Indian National Congress’s Kolkata session on 27 December 1911. Little did it’s known that there is an English version of National Anthem which is called ‘The Morning Song of India’. Its English translation was done by Ravindranath Tagore himself.

It got status on 24 January 1950

14 August 1947, the day when India got Independence, was the same day when constituent assembly sat for the first time. It got ended with Jan-Gan-Man. On 24th January 1950, India’s first President Rajendra Prasad announced Jan Gan Man as the official National Anthem.

Take care of the rules:

Some rules are made to maintain the prestige of the National Anthem. The duration of the national anthem is kept 52 seconds under it. The national anthem is always sung while standing up in attention. There is a rule to play the national anthem before and after the address of President to the country on Doordarshan and All India Radio as well as whenever the national flag is presented.

The short version of the national anthem is sung on many occasions. It includes the first and last stanza which took almost 20 seconds. If anyone got caught for creating a disturbance or doing disrespect of national anthem is sentenced to three years in jail and charged with a penalty.


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