CM Gehlot started ‘Man Ki Baat’…

CM Gehlot started ‘Man Ki Baat’…

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot shared his ‘Man Ki Baat’ while addressing people in the Tax Conference 2020 organised by Chartered Accountants in Jodhpur on Saturday. During his address, he said that ‘Everything is possible when Modi is there’ but he linked it with demonetization by comparing it with way PM did demonetization within a night. This led to the death of more than 100 people. He cited the example of a woman who works as a housemaid and highlighted the problems faced by poor people due to demonetization through that example.

While talking about Amit Shah, he said that common people are really upset with his Arbitrarily, and he is totally unaware of it. The country’s largest industrialist Rahul Bajaj dared to speak in front of him and said I know that whatever your government decides, but no one has the courage to speak against it. The reason behind it is the kind of atmosphere created in the country where if someone wants to give suggestions to your government, then it is presented as a traitor.

Along with it, CM Ashok Gehlot shared his agony about the country’s Crumbling economy and told that the country’s condition is crucial at this point. The economy is uncertain. There is a hike in petrol-diesel prices. Inflation has broken the back of citizens. The country has seen the growth in the unemployment graph. Despite all these problems, they are roaming around the country on issues like CAA, NRC, and NPR.


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